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Welcome to The Priceless Project! Here we are all about inspiring women and girls to embrace their infinite value and unrivaled uniqueness and discover the gift they are to the World.

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MUTUAL Gold a program of MUTUAL Girls Club of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, uses The Priceless Project curriculum in 9 schools, 3 school districts and serves 465 girls monthly. They are adding another school this Fall 2019!

An activity at Mutual Gold, Caney Valley Middle School using The Priceless Project Curriculum in Ochelata, Oklahoma. Girls discovering their infinite worth.

Odyssey Middle School is piloting The Priceless Project curriculum with a small group of 7th-8th grade girls. They each named the voice inside their head that lies to them. A great tool from Felicia Johnson's book, "Do You Feel Like a Fraud?"



The Priceless Project is a program developed to teach girls about self-worth. It was designed to be used in the public school system and run with the school calendar year. Each curriculum has 14 sessions to be used bi-weekly. Because the content that is being taught is so needed in our current social climate, we want to make the program and resources accessible to anyone who has the desire to help girls in their development. The curriculum can be used for youth groups, bible study groups, counseling groups, mentoring, girls programs or anywhere a girl needs to be reminded she is Priceless. 



what people say

This program was beneficial to several of my girls. They spoke very highly of the experience and even found new friends who were unlike themselves. They shared that they enjoyed getting to know girls who were not like them. They never expected to like people who were not like them, but they were surprised. The girls also had an increase in leadership and confidence in themselves. I highly recommend The Priceless Project. It really helped my students and took very little time from my busy schedule.

-Ann Hembrook, Principal
Odyssey Middle School

The Priceless Project Curriculum is much needed for our girls of today and valued by the girls and staff. The curriculum teaches them not only about the physical well-being but the emotional well-being and how to embrace both. Many of times this is the only place the girls are learning about themselves, building boundaries, self-respect, taking care of themselves as young ladies as there may not be a positive role model in their life. This program helps fill in the gaps for the young girls to help them build a better foundation as they develop into young women they may not have this otherwise in their home or community. Thank you, Our schools have been blessed by this program!

-Christina Rigdon, Family Support Coordinator
Bartlesville High School

“It makes me feel unstoppable and it makes me feel good about myself. It gives me power and strength in my mind and in my heart. The program has helped me feel happier at home when there are sad or bad things going on. Thank you.”  

-5th grader
Jane Phillips Elementary 

“This program is INVALUABLE in its message to girls as they transition from elementary to middle school. I am very grateful that we have been allowed to offer this program in public school. Gold has been so invested in inspiring young girls to be comfortable in their own skin. This program is a great gift to our community. 
 -Karen Salge, Counselor 
Wilson Elementary  

“Our girls have really had fun with this! Valuable lessons! Not a lot of “Girl Drama” at school this year either! Awesome! Would recommend next year”   

-Kimi Keys, Counselor   
Jane Phillips Elementary

"They made me feel important and wanted by people all around me. P.S. I made a new best friend because of the program." 

Dewey Middle School 

"I believe I have a better self-image since I have been helping with MUTUAL Gold; it seems the negative experiences don’t bring me down as much as they would have before. Becoming aware of my particular personality traits and journaling are two things I learned from the program, that has helped me maintain a better view of me. I really appreciate those who have contributed to this cause, thereby making it possible for me as a volunteer to benefit from the Positive Self Worth that is emphasized ”   

-Joanne Dodd, Mutual Gold Volunteer 

“I wasn’t the type of girl who liked people and I would hide from people, but because of this it made me have courage to trust people. It helped me learn more about myself and my friends and to open up to people.”

-5th grade Girl,
Elementary Program

I used to be a mean girl in school… now I have changed.”

-5th grade girl,
Elementary Program

”I don’t feel worthless anymore.”

-Middle School Girl

“I thought that having the lessons this year in 8th was great because in 8th grade year I think you are starting to find yourself.”

-Middle School Girl

"Now I actually believe that I am pretty and that I am Not worthless!”

-Middle School Girl

“The program was great! The activities really allowed the girls to look deeper into themselves and see all the unique talents and traits that make them valuable.”  

-Lindsay Moll, Volunteer

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